About (G DeVerteuil)

This website displays some 650 images from my various travels and research across all six continents, between 1992 and the present. These are the cream of the crop! There is a strong bias towards my own research interests: urban-centered, part travelogue but also focusing on inequality and poverty, architecture, dynamism and change, as well as some of the more whimsical (and jarring) juxtaposition of cities.

All images up to January 2010 were scanned from 100-speed slide film. Yes, I still used slide film for my landsdcape shots, since I believed they gave better detail and color saturation, and I believed that Kodak needed my business, badly. Check back every now and then, as there should be more slides coming on all the time, but they are now taken on a Sony DSLR.

I am not one to theorize too much on why I take pictures (or photography more generally) -perhaps I simply want to see how the world looks like when photographed (G Winogrand) – nor can I vouch for the quality of these images, but you may want to consult Elvin Wyly’s excellent Imaginer Urbanus website to garner greater insight into what he, and others, think about the process. Please do not take all of the captions too seriously, as they are sometimes meant to be provocative and/or sarcastic.

But perhaps more seriously, the research images website does raise the issue common to all photo essays: that of the superficial versus the sustained. What I mean by that is, some of my images reflect sustained interest and knowledge in particular cities and city spaces (especially London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Winnipeg), while other images are much more superficial, reflecting only a few days in a particular place (e.g. Antwerp, Jakarta, Oxford). This leads to the always important issue of the ‘duplicity of the (urban) landscape’, in which deep-seated processes driving the urban landscape may not be readily apparent, much less understood. At the very least, I always try to capture the ‘spirit of the place’, even if that means sometimes resorting to tired old cliches of particular places -traffic in Jakarta, hills in San Francisco, decine in Dublin, plastic surgery in Miami, etc.

Please feel free to download the images, as long as you acknowledge my copyright and authorship. If you are interested in obtaining images without the watermark (for pedagogic or research purposes) please contact me; same goes for higher-resolution TIFF version of images. You can contact me at g.p.deverteuil@soton.ac.uk. If there are any gross mistakes in the image descriptions, please let me know; and please note that the actual dates for some of the images are rather approximate.

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