Book Reviews

The UGRG Book Review Series publishes high quality reviews of recent books related to cities and geography. The series is segmented by yearly volumes, each containing up to 20 book reviews.

The UGRG Book Review Series has been assigned the following ISSN: ISSN 2397-8228

Editor: Anna Plyushteva (UCL) Web | Email

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2016 Volume 

Wippel, S., Bromber, K., Steiner C. and Krawietz, B. (Eds) (2014) Under Construction. Logics of Urbanism in the Gulf Region. Reviewed by Çaglar Köksal, University of Manchester.

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Stanek, L., Schmid, C. and Moravánszky, A. (Eds) (2014) Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture. Reviewed by Vaso Makrygianni, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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Jonas, A.E.G., McCann, E. and Thomas, M. (2015) Urban Geography. A critical introduction. Reviewed by Tatiana Matejskova, Roskilde University.

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Paton, K. (2014) Gentrification: A Working-Class Perspective. Reviewed by Mel Nowicki Royal Holloway, University of London.

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O’Donoghue, D. (2014) Urban Transformations: Centres, Peripheries and Systems. Reviewed by Margarida Carmo da Paz, University of Lisbon.

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DeVerteuil, G. (2015) Resilience in the Post-Welfare Inner City: Voluntary Sector Geographies in London, Los Angeles and Sydney. Reviewed by Joe Penny, University College London.

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Lorrain, D. (Ed) (2014) Governing Megacities in Emerging Countries. Reviewed by Niranjana Ramesh, University College London.

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Lemanski, C. and Marx, C. (Eds) (2015) The City in Urban Poverty. Reviewed by Sonia Roitman University of Queensland.

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Barber, B.R. (2013) If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities. Reviewed by Markéta Seidlová, Charles University Prague.

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Gruneau, R. and Horne, J. (Eds) (2016) Mega-Events and Globalization: Capital and Spectacle in a Changing World Order. Reviewed by Gabriel Silvestre, University College London.

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Mould, O. (2015) Urban Subversion and the Creative City. Reviewed by Olivia Tan Wei Peng, National University of Singapore.

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Ocejo, R.E. (2014) Upscaling Downtown: From Bowery Saloons to Cocktail Bars in New York City. Reviewed by Steven Tuttle, Loyola University Chicago.

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Conn, S. (2014) Americans Against the City: Anti-Urbanism in the Twentieth Century. Reviewed by Sean L. Young, Loyola University Chicago.

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2014 Volume 

Jenkins, P (2013) Urbanization, Urbanism and Urbanity in an African City: Home Spaces and House Cultures. Reviewed by Samuel Amoah, University for Development Studies, Wa Campus.

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Shortell, T and E Brown (Eds) (2014) Walking in the European City: Quotidian Mobility and Urban Ethnography. Reviewed by Paulo Rui Anciaes, University College London.

Web link:

Young, A (2014) Street Art, Public City: Law, Crime and the Urban Imagination. Reviewed by Sabina Andron, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

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Tewdwr-Jones, M (2012) Spatial Planning and Governance: Understanding UK Planning. Reviewed by Jonathan Clarke, University of Warwick.

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Dixon, T et al (Eds) (2014) Urban Retrofitting for Sustainability: Mapping the Transition to 2050. Reviewed by Sebastian Fastenrath, University of Cologne.

Web link:

Brosius, C (2010) India’s Middle Class: New Forms of Urban Leisure, Consumption and Prosperity. Reviewed by Raihana Ferdous, Durham University.

Web link:

Tjora, A. and G. Scambler (Eds) (2014) Cafe Society. Reviewed by Jennifer Ferreira, Coventry University.

Web link:

Garrett, B. (2014) Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City. Reviewed by Emma Fraser, University of Manchester.

Web link:

Neculai, C (2014) Urban Space and Late Twentieth-Century New York Literature. Reviewed by Keith Harris, University of Washington.

Web link:

Parashkevova, V (2013) Salman Rushdie’s Cities: Reconfigurational politics and the contemporary urban imagination. Reviewed by Khairunnisa Ibrahim, University of Oxford.

Web link:

Parnell, S and S Oldfield (Eds) (2014) The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South. Reviewed by Melanie Lombard, University of Manchester.

Web link:

Hall, P (2013) Good Cities, Better Lives: How Europe Discovered the Lost Art of Urbanism. Reviewed by David McGuinness, Northumbria University.

Web link:

Highmore, B (2005) Cityscapes: Cultural Readings in the Material and Symbolic City. Reviewed by Oli Mould, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Web link:

Dines, M and T Vermeulen (Eds) (2013) New Suburban Stories. Reviewed by John Saunders, York University.

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Davidson, M and D Martin (Eds) (2014) Urban Politics: Critical Approaches. Reviewed by Emma L Sharp, University of Auckland.

Web link:

Jensen, OB (2013) Staging Mobilities. Reviewed by Cristina Temenos, Simon Fraser University.

Web link:

Pomeroy, J (2014) The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat. Reviewed by Mark Usher, University of Manchester.

Web link:

McFarlane, C and M Waibel (Eds) (2012) Urban Informalities: Reflections on the Formal and Informal. Reviewed by Andrea Varriale, Bauhaus University of Weimar.

Web link:

Madanipour, A et al (Eds) (2014) Public Space and the Challenges of Urban Transformation in Europe. Reviewed by Joaquín Villanueva, Gustavus Adolphus College.

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2013 Volume 

Harvey, D (2012) Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution. (PDF) Reviewed by Thanos Andritsos, Harokopio University.

Web link:

Mace, A (2013) City Suburbs: Placing Suburbia in a Post-suburban World. (PDF) Reviewed by Mohammad Amir Anwar, Trinity College Dublin.

Web link:

Corburn, J (2013) Healthy City Planning: From Neighbourhood to National Health Equity. (PDF) Reviewed by Andrew Barnfield, Independent Scholar.

Web link:

Lorentzen, A and B. van Heur (eds) (2013) Cultural Political Economy of Small Cities. (PDF) Reviewed by Derek Eysenbach, Sonoma State University.

Web link:

Brook, R and N Dunn (2011) Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City. (PDF) Reviewed by Brian Garcia, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.

Web link:

Pullan, W and B Baillie (2013) Locating Urban Conflicts: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Everyday. (PDF) Reviewed by Lakshmi Priya Rajendran, University of Sheffield.

Web link:

Francis R and M Chadwick (2013) Urban Ecosystems: Understanding the Human Environment. (PDF) Reviewed by Emma Terama, UCL Engineering.

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2011 Volume

Allen, C. & Imrie, R. (eds) (2010) The Knowledge Business: the commodification of urban and housing research (PDF). Reviewed by Derek Eysenbach, University of Arizona

Freeman, C. & Tranter, P. (2011) Children and their urban environments: changing worlds. Earthscan, Oxford (pdf). Reviewed by Adefemi Kingsley Adekunle, UCL, London.

Banerjee-Guha, S. (2010) Accumulation by Dispossession: Transformative Cities in the new Global Order, Sage (pdf). Reviewed by Mohd Amir Anwar, Trinity College, Dublin.

Cloke, P., May, J., Johnsen, S (2010) Swept up lives? Re-envisioning the homeless city, Wiley-Blackwell, (pdf). Reviewed by Paul Kirkness, University of Edinburgh.

Fussey, P., Coaffee, J., Armstrong, G., Hobbs, D. (2011) Securing and sustaining the Olympic city: reconfiguring London for 2012 and beyond. Ashgate, Farnham (pdf). Reviewed by Ulpia Botezatu, Newcastle University.

Guy, S., Marvin, S., Medd, W., Moss, T. (2011) Shaping Urban Infrastructures: Intermediaries and the Governance of Socio-technical Networks, Earthscan: London (pdf). Reviewed by Fiona Nash, Royal Holloway University of London.

Hodson, M. & Marvin, S. (2010) World Cities and Climate change: producing ecological security, Open University Press: Milton Keynes (pdf). Reviewed by Cat Button, Durham University.

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Myers, G. (2011) African Cities: Alternative visions of theory and practice, Zed Books: London (pdf). Reviewed by Rachel Granger, Coventry University.

Patwari, S. & Tang, B. (Eds) Written by Maurice Mitchell (2010) Learning from Delhi: dispersed initiatives in changing urban landscapes. Ashgate, Farnham (pdf). Reviewed by Leslie McLees, University of Oregon

Rycroft, S. (2011) Swinging City: A Cultural Geography of London 1950-1974, Ashgate: Farnham, England (pdf). Reviewed by Dr Hannah Neate, University of Edinburgh.

Wallace, A. (2010) Remaking Community? New Labour and the governance of poor neighbourhoods. Ashgate, Farnham (pdf). Reviewed by Helen Wilson, University of Hull.

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Wasson, S. (2010) Urban Gothic of the Second World War: Dark London, Palgrave-Macmillan: Basingstoke (pdf). Reviewed by Peter Merriman, Aberystwyth University.

2010 Volume

Coaffee, Jon (2009): Terrorism, Risk and the Global City: Towards Urban Resilience. Ashgate: Aldershot. (pdf)  Reviewed by: Christopher M. Johnson, LSE

Coward, Martin (2008): Urbicide: The politics of urban destruction. London: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Paul O’Hare, University of Manchester

Dennis, Richard (2010): Cities in Modernity: Representations and Productions of Metropolitan Space, 1840-1930. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press. (pdf) Reviewed by: William Mangold, The City University of New York

Dubben, Nigel and Brendan Williams (eds) (2009): Partnerships in urban property development: Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell. (pdf) Reviewed by: Tony Gilmour, University of New South Wales

Hanson, Susan and Mei-Po Kwan (eds) (2008): Transport: Critical Essays in Human Geography: Ashgate: Aldershot and Burlington. (pdf) Reviewed by: Pere Suau-Sanchez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Helms, Gesa (2008): Towards Safe City Centres? Remaking the Spaces of an Old-Industrial City. Ashgate: Aldershot. (pdf) Reviewed by: Alexandra Fanghanel, University of Leeds

Johnson, Louise (2009): Cultural Capitals: Revaluing the Arts, Remaking Urban Spaces. Ashgate: Farnham. (pdf) Reviewed by: Luke Dickens, Independent Scholar

Latham, Alan, Derek Mc Cormack, Kim McNamara and Donald McNeil (2009): Key Concepts in Urban Geography. London: Sage. (pdf) Reviewed by: Anne Vogelpohl, Technical Univesity Berlin

Loukaki, Argyro (2008): Living Ruins, Value Conflicts: Ashgate: Aldershot. (pdf) Reviewed by: Priya Vadi, Simon Fraser University

McQuire, Scott (2009): The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space: London: Sage. (pdf) Reviewed by: Oli Mould, University of Loughborough

Tang, Kenny (2009): Green CITYnomics: The Urban War against Climate Change. : Greenleaf Publishing. (pdf) Reviewed by: Rebecca Edwards, University of Southampton

Taylor, Stephanie (2009): Narratives of Identity and Place. London: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Breffní Lennon, University College Cork

2009 Volume

Davis, Mike (2006) Planet of Slums. New York: Verso. (pdf) Reviewed by: Gerda Roelvink, The Australian National University

Mennel, Barbara (2008) Cities and Cinema. New York: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Billur Dokur, The Open University

Van den Berg, Leo, Pol, Peter M.J., Mingardo, Giulliano and Carolien J. M., Speller (2006) The Safe City: Safety and Urban Development in European Cities. Ashgate: Aldershot. (pdf) Reviewed by: Tarek Virani, LSE

2008 Volume

Carley, Michael, Paul Jenkins and Harry Smith (2001) Urban Development and Civil Society: The Role of Communities in Sustainable Cities. London: Earthscan. (pdf) Reviewed by: Gemma Moore, University College London

Cohen, Sara (2007) Decline, Renewal and the City in Popular Music Culture: Beyond the Beatles. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, USA: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: David Crouch, University of Derby

Cowen, Alexander and Jill Steward (2007) The City and the Senses: Urban Culture Since 1500. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, USA: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Nadia Bartolini, The Open University

Davidson, Joyce, Liz Bondi and Mick Smith (eds) (2005) Emotional Geographies. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, USA: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Matt Collins, University of Sheffield

Frers, Lars and Lars Meier (eds) (2006) Encountering Urban Places: Visual and Material Performances in the City. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, USA: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Philip Lawton, Trinity College, Dublin

Hall, Peter (2007) London Voices, London Lives: Tales from a Working Capital. Bristol: Policy Press. (pdf) Reviewed by: Will Eadson, Sheffield Hallam University

Hall, Tim (2007) Urban Geography. (pdf) Reviewed by: Geraldine O’Donnell, University College Dublin

Kindon, Sara, Rachel Pain and Mike Kesby (2007) Participatory Action Research Approaches and Methods: Connecting People, Participation and Place. London and New York: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Anthony Ince, Queen Mary, University of London

Montgomery, John (2007) The New Wealth of Cities: City Dynamics and the Fifth Wave. London: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Jessica Ferm, University College London

Moore, James R. (2006) The Transformation of Urban Liberalism: Party Politics and Urban Governance in Late Nineteenth-Century England. Aldershot: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Garry Prendiville, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Rodger, Richard, and Joanna Herbert (2007) Testimonies of the City. Identity, Community and Change in a Contemporary Urban World. London: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Slavomíra Ferenuhová, Masaryk University, Brno

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Sandhu, Sukhdev (2007) Night Haunts: A Journey through the London Night. London: Artangel and Verso. (pdf). Reviewed by: Matthew Rippon, Queen Mary, University of London

Strom, E., & Mollenkopf, J (2006) The Urban Politics Reader, Routledge: London (pdf). Reviewed by Claudia Asch, Syracuse University, New York.


2007 Volume

Alexander, Michael (2007) Cities and Labour Immigration – Comparing Policy Responses in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, VT: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Andrea Gerstnerova, Charles University, Prague

Davis, Mike (2007) Buda’s Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb. London and New York: Verso. (pdf) Reviewed by: Olly Zanetti, Queen Mary, University of London

Donaghy, Kieran P., Stefan Poppelreuter and Georg Rudinger (2005) Social Dimensions of Sustainable Transport:  Transatlantic Perspectives. Aldershot: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Anthony Thickett, Middlesex University

Fyfe, Nicholas R. and Judith T. Kenny (2005) The Urban Geography Reader. London: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Molly Hurley-Depret, City University of New York

Liggens, Emma (2006) George Gissing, the Working Woman, and Urban Culture. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, VT: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Michael McBride, London School of Economics

Moor, Malcolm and Jon Rowland (2006) Urban Design Futures. Oxon: Routledge. (pdf) Reviewed by: Elisabete Cidre, University College London

Pile, Steve (2005) Real Cities: Modernity, Space and the Phantasmagorias of City Life. London: Sage. (pdf) Reviewed by: Ayo Mansaray, Institute of Education, University of London

Talbot, Deborah (2007) Regulating the Night: Race, Culture, and Exclusion in the Making of the Night-time Economy. Hampshire, UK and Burlington, VT: Ashgate. (pdf) Reviewed by: Richard E. Ocejo, City University of New York

Trapese Collective, The (2007) Do It Yourself: A Handbook for Changing Our World. London: Pluto Press. (pdf) Reviewed by: Olly Zanetti, Queen Mary, University of London